Fredericksburg B&B is the Curated Masterpiece of Your Property Goals

By Spring Sault

If you’ve ever gone on a tour of the Texas Hill Country and had a dreamy stay at a bed & breakfast, only to wish that you could live there full-time, then wish no more. Featured in Country Living, a Texas Hill Country B&B property in Fredericksburg that’s presently on the market is making people drool. Known as Settlers Crossing, the main house is complemented by seven guesthouses, making this historic home and its 35 acres a profitable bed and breakfast business filled with every antique and stunning textile imaginable.

The main house dates back to the 1790s and was fully restored after being moved to its present location from its spot along the Ohio River in Kentucky approximately 30 years ago. With 13 beautifully appointed rooms decorated in period design features (along with six historical fireplaces), this is the ideal Texas Hill Country property for those who take pride in authenticity. The seven guest houses are no exception. Ranging in ages and styles, their 18th- and 19th-century décor speaks of their longevity. Some of these guest houses were brought to their present location from distances as far as Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky. One of these quaint domiciles was even constructed as a wedding present for one of the descendants of the property’s original settlers.

Photo: Facebook/Fredericksburg Realty

Each part of the property is unique, and its landscaping mirrors the current owner’s desire to ensure their guests grow enamored with the place. With its giant oaks and charming log barn as one of its assets (dating back to the 1700s), this Fredericksburg bed and breakfast is certain to impress. Country Living provides the property’s asking price and a link to the real estate company contact, and in the meantime, we can all have sweet dreams of owning a slice of the Texas Hill Country heaven that this curated B&B masterpiece truly is.


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